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DUI/DWI Education Program
The Aslan Center of Maryland DUI/DWI Education Program is licensed by the
State of Maryland Alcohol and Drug Administration.
Most clients come to us... for outpatient treatment following a DUI/DWI.
You may enroll yourself or be referred by your legal counsel.
The mission of the program is to help participants recognize the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  Emphasis is placed on modifying behaviors to avoid future alcohol and drug related problems.  The overall goal of the program is to help reduce the number of people driving under the influence and prevent tragic loss of life.
The first step is participating in an assessment by an addictions specialist who will  determine whether the 12 hour or 26 week education program is appropriate for you.  The 12 hour program is for those who have received a DUI/DWI offense for the first time or have been assessed as a social drinker.  The 26 week program is for those who have multiple DUI/DWI offenses or those assessed with an alcohol problem.  Placement in each program is based on the assessment and participants do not chose their program assignment.  Both programs include educational material and group counseling.  Participants are expected to attend one to two 12 step meetings per week and to completely abstain from all alcohol and drugs.
Evaluations are based on standardized alcohol and drug screening tools and are conducted by licensed counselors.  Please call us to schedule an evaluation appointment, required by law, before you can begin attending the sessions.