The Aslan Center, LLC  - Providing counseling for mental and spiritual vitality.
Why Choose...
   The Aslan Center?
... Because we at Aslan believe in and provide complete Holistic Counseling Services.
Ms. Janine Reynolds, LCSW-C, is our licensed clinician adviser that has over twenty five years of experience providing counseling services.  She has worked in clinical, supervisory, and administrative positions at adult and children's mental health facilities, non-profit agencies, prisons, residential settings, emergency psychiatric services, and community mental health centers.  She also accepts Maryland Medical Assistance Clients.  Her clients find her to be empathetic, solution-focused, and dedicated.
... A very tender welcome from me to you.
My name is Pr.Cristoforo Padula. I truly feel that the essence of physical health is a deepening awareness, acceptance, respect, and understanding of the spiritual wounds of the heart, mind, and soul. This is the key to the healing process.  Illness can and must be known and understood from its positive order for one to consider the path of life we have been and are walking upon, and whether that path has or is leading us to health, joy, and love. 

I have extensive experience encouraging all age groups to draw upon their spiritual strengths and to find their unique spiritual paths to healing. l have been honored to become a Maryland Court Appointed Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children. My spiritual / humanistic counseling is based upon non-denominational faith and nutritional therapy. At no time will I ever seek during my counseling to impose a particular religious belief.

                  Pastor Cristoforo Padula, Spiritual Counselor