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  • Is extremely professional and empathetic
  • Understands extremely well the cares, hopes and dreams of our clients
  • Is extremely responsive to our clients questions and concerns
  • Extremely liked their experience at The Aslan Center
  • Found the location of The Aslan Center to be extremely convenient
  • Would definitely recommend The Aslan Center


As a person who has had counseling with other agencies and counselors, I found Janine Reynolds and Pastor Cristoforo Padula of THE ASLAN CENTER to be two of the most professional, client centered and empathetic counselors I have worked with.  Their manner of working with me immediately made me feel very welcome and comfortable, as well as being very confident that I would receive the help I wanted.  The location was convenient, appointments were kept on time and the office assured privacy.

I am very happy with the results of my counseling with Pastor Padula and Janine Reynolds and I would highly recommend them and THE ASLAN CENTER. I know that if I seek counseling in the future that these are the people I would turn to.

Victoria Windsor

Thank you Janine and Pastor Cristoforo for your devotion, guidance, knowledge, support and managing coping techniques.

Arnold Borg

Janine and Pastor Cristoforo are phenomenal.  I don't feel as though I'm being judged when I talk to Janine or Pastor Cristoforo.  They really care for their clients.

Sarah Nuran

My son has been treated at THE ASLAN CENTER for many years.  The center gives him a place to go where he can speak freely to Janine Reynolds and Pastor Cristoforo Padula about any issue he has or just to talk about his life in general.  Pastor Cristoforo always gives my son care and concern on an individual basis.  We are never hurried or pushed aside.  Our concerns are always taken into consideration and we discuss them as a family unit without fear of being rebuked or made to feel less than important.  Janine Reynolds and Pastor Cristoforo Padula are highly professional and discreet with the information concerning my son.  They have gone above and beyond to help him succeed in every way possible.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a friendly, caring professional counseling center.

Mrs. J